These brilliantly savvy financial planners wanted to take on the stuffy financial planning world. They're on a mission to help all of us get keen on our money (not just the million dollar club.) Turns out, they are more advocates and teachers than "wealth managers," and their mission is bigger than the standard lingo could ever cover. Branding to the younger, hipper demographic required breaking the traditional mold- much like the mold they were trying to break.


They came to us as Moderna Capital. Their design was nice, but totally wrong. We often get stuck repeating what we are used to seeing, and they were no exception. When we really nailed down their target market, we could start to speak to them in their language through design and copy, and a new millennial-style name. Don't fade into the background by being safe and generic.



Package Development

The millennial generation just isn't interested in handing over their assets to someone they just met. By thinking about how they buy, and what they need, Worstofall developed an affordable "step one" package called the Stash Plan. With this flat fee product, millennials could "Get Their Financial Sh*t Together" without committing to a wealth manager for like. The result? 75% of Stash Plan-ers become wealth management clients. Because this generation needs to date a little before they get married, and Stash Wealth understands that better than anyone. 


Owner Priya Malani fully committed to her badass message and wealth package options for young people and has gotten noticed, remembered and shared because of it. The recognition she has gotten by embracing her voice and speaking directly to her target market has meant that people purchase and pay for Stash Plans while she sleeps! The result is Stash Wealth spends their time working with clients and potential wealth management clients, instead of constantly hunting for them. Wish you could do that, huh Merrill? 

Below are some of her press and publications


"After going through the Brandup process it became clear we were having a hard time getting clients because we didn't understand our Brand or messaging! Now that we really know what we're all about and who we're for, we easily attract our ideal clients.

For sales, the Stash Plan was a game changer -

People buy them almost daily off the site, and then I get to really help clients get their act together. The fact that most of them turn into AUM clients is insane, who would have thought?! 

I am also organically getting tons of press because of all the articles Pia encouraged me to write, and have been asked by several high profile sites to be their exclusive financial voice because my brand so clearly speaks to their demographic! ”

- Priya Malani, Stash Wealth


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