Pretty  isn't always PERFECT


Bo and Emily are two accomplished architects who went out on their own to bring their artistry to private clients. But as with most experts, they found it difficult to find business on their own. Their original company name, "Design Habits", and corresponding website was very pretty, but it didn't speak to their edgy, contemporary style. And worse, their message was unclear: they were open to taking almost any project, residential or commercial, big and small, and that meant nobody specific could identify as their ideal client.


Sometimes a small business' brand design can look pretty, but still be totally wrong for the type of clients you want to attract. Don't fade into the background by being too general or too safe and make sure your visuals speak to your desired target market's taste.




"Design Habits" was a good name 15 years ago, but those words are overused and have lost meaning. "Bo & Em" is contemporary, but casual and comfortable with a personal touch and approachable feel. Bo and Emily are their business and now customers know that and what they're getting: two accomplished architects who specialize in modernizing high end Manhattan apartments while keeping the character that made them an attractive purchase in the first place.



If your competitors all sell your services one way, that's your golden opportunity! The biggest challenge when hiring someone like an architect for a huge project is that you have to agree to paying them a ton of money before you've even really worked with them. Instead, we productized two pre-sale services that give the clients a ton of value and still allow them to get to know Bo & Em before they hire them for the huge project. Since we know Bo & Em are going to impress, the big sale becomes a slam dunk.


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