E.J. York is one of the best contractors and builder's in Manhattan and their design was behind so they came in for a refresh including print materials and a large website. Their 2-Day Badass Brandup started with re-creating their (lost) logo so they could have all the necessary files again. With a sharpened new logo, Worstofall created modern printed booklets and a responsive website that shows off the company's projects on any device, at home or on-site.


Nothing says outdated like a NYC Skyline with the twin towers on a non-responsive website that fills up a quarter of the page...






In an industry where you're always on the job site or at a meeting it's important to have a responsive website that works on every device and can be viewed on the spot, in person, where things actually happen.


I was skeptical that Worstofall could actually redesign and build my entire website in 2 days. But not only did they deliver, they also made us a new brochure that actually helps us sell. It's been clear that potential clients are impressed, and business is great! And most importantly, the Brandup format freed me up to get back to business immediately. As a result of our new website we have been approached by several Fortune Five Hundred companies to bid on upcoming projects.

-Doel Rivera, President of E.J York



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