Steve Wasterval

Always a rebel (though don't box him in), 'lil Stevie spent the majority of his school years making art out of text books, much to the chagrin of his teachers. Only years later would he find out: those drawings that sent him to the principals office? They were also being passed around the teachers lounge with awe and amusement. His first published work was an editorial cartoon published in the Houston Chroncile in 1993, foreshadowing a life long pursuit of exposure of his work to a larger audience. After years of living the artist life, selling paintings on the streets in Amsterdam and SoHo, a new outlet attracted Steve's interest. Ad school and one too many big agency-experiences later, he moved to the Ad-capital of the world to sell art and co-found Worstofall Design.


Pia Silva

Pia came out of the womb ready to run sh*t, and when asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would coyly respond "in charge."  But don't be scared, most people are surprised that this super smiley powerhouse is a born and bred New Yorker, and she's glad she doesn't fit the stereotype.

That NYC edge is instead wielded to identify and articulate each client's most badass quality, and help guide the creative team to show it off.  Born on the cusp, she has the millennials' inability to settle for less than her dreams, and the grit of a Gen X-er.



CONTACT:   pia@worstofalldesign   |   917-882-6437   |   37 Greenpoint Ave. Suite #E4B   |   Brooklyn, NY 11222