With the new gold rush in Colorado there's a lot of money to be made and experts, advocated and entrepreneurs are in a hurry to get their pitch in front of investors and open up shop. In a 1-Day Badass Brandup, Worstofall Design created an elevated logo, business cards and an investor presentation template for the client to have printed and present on powepoint for investor presentations. No matter what the product, when you're asking for a lot of money you need to look the part and impress investors with a badass, cohesive and professional brand (They won't know you had it made a couple weeks ago).


"I really enjoyed working with the Worstofall Team. The collaborative environment that the Brandup package inspires is awesome. I found it to be extremely useful in crafting our brand's image to discuss strategy, while also being able to watch them creating the brand's logo just steps away. I was truly impressed with the team's ability to not only keep me focused, but also deliver on everything that they promised. During the Brandup, it truly felt as if I had my own in-house branding team."

Charley Smith, 5280 Labs


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