Get the badass brand you need with our intensive BRANDUP Method


Positioning, messaging, copy, logo, identity, website design and build...

We execute everything according to your company's needs in 1-3 days. How is this possible? We do the bulk of the creative work ahead of time, so that we efficiently utilize your time to get feedback, make edits in real time, polish and move forward.


That's Badass Branding without the Bullshit.


1-day of your time

For clients who need the fundamentals. The deliverables depend on your needs, but typical clients pick their favorite of 3 logos, then spend the day giving feedback as we refine the messaging and copy, design and building their website (up to 6 pages), and design basic identity pieces (business cards, social media icons, stationary, etc...), prepping them for print.

This is our most popular Brandup package because it fulfills the needs of 90% of small, services-based businesses we meet.


*Previous payment from the Brandshrink is applied to the cost

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2-days of your time
10am-6pm x 2

Same as the Badass Brandup deliverables and services, but for clients that have more than 6 pages on their website, additional collateral needs and/or higher level strategy needs. 

In the Brandup Plus there's more opportunity to edit the creative work on day one. 


*Previous payment from the Brandshrink is applied to the cost

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4-days of your time
10am-6pm x 4

This is a level jump like no other. A complete rebrand with strategy and execution, including a celebrity photo shoot and brand video that will set you up for marketing success moving forward. This is only for those looking to play in the big leagues, completely conceptualized, creative directed and implemented by the Worstofall Team.

The 4 days takes place over 2 weeks to allow time for shooting and editing. 


*Previous payment from the Brandshrink is applied to the cost

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5-Day Weeklong Intensive

Clients with larger websites, lots of content to enter, forms, and large collateral needs can get the full shabang here.

We will tell you after the Brandshrink if this package is necessary to fulfill all your listed deliverables, and give you the option to cut deliverables out in order to downsize to the Brandup Plus if needed.




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