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you're badass: WORSTOFALL DESIGN WILL find out why

The interview is a mind clearing, eye opening experience, addressing key questions like, is your message digestible? Does it stand out as being different? Is it disrupting people's thinking, & inspiring a curiosity that has them begging for more?



We Get In Your Head

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand and business in new ways, while the Worstofall team takes it all in and pushes it through our irreverent lens to identify how to pitch your badass value proposition - the special sauciness that compels people to engage and buy.


Includes the interview and a written brief that identifies your badass business and brand opportunities and a plan to move forward


*(This cost gets applied to any Brandup moving forward).

Not sure if a Brandshrink is right for you?
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"Great resource for companies looking for guidance on defining their brand. I used Worstofall to help me fine tune my branding message for my apparel company. They delivered in a big way by providing concrete action steps and tangible deliverables that I could implement immediately. Worstofall Design is a creative powerhouse: their advice was spot on and now I have a clear assessment of how to frame and approach all my brand touchpoints. I definitely recommend their services, you won't be disappointed!"

-Kimberly Shamsiddin, Al Shams


Pia and Steve are a #badass team that completely overhauled our business brand and the way we communicate our process. We were so blown away by their efficient Brandup model that we have referred them to numerous fellow entrepreneurs. I wouldn't hesitate but in case you are, the Brandshrink may be a good place (low capital commitment) to start to see if you like their style. One other thing to mention is that we interviewed 3 other companies before hiring them, all from around the US. They are no nonsense, so you better be ready to make decisions. They're goal is to help you being making more money as soon as possible. We highly recommend them.

- Priya Malani (

"I cannot speak highly enough of  Worstofall Design's Brandshrink. As a new brand I realize the importance of having a strong, unique and authentic voice however I struggled with finding the right ways to hone in on this and clearly communicate it until meeting with Pia and Steve. They really dove into BEX nyc and came to the table with clear and very "on brand" points, verbiage and a truly badass perspective. These guys "get it" and can definitely help your customers "Get it " too!"

-Bex Szymczak, Proprietrix, BEX