The violent and sometimes lethal interactions between police and citizens has put our country is a state of high alert, and there are a few police chiefs Worstofall is proud to know that are trying to do something about it. When 2 police veterans approached us and said they had developed a training program that had successfully decreased the violent incidences in one police unit from hundreds to 3, we were inspired to help them take their program on a national level.


Psychcops came to us with all the trainings ready to go, but with no brand materials whatsoever. In fact, their original name was Comprehensive Training Concepts, LLC. But the mission was large and inspiring, and the kind of work these guys were doing was unlike anything out there, and they needed a brand (and name) to show off the kind of highly sophisticated, intelligent and elite training they had to offer. Most importantly, they needed to present how legitimate and trustworthy they are right out of the gate, and that's where Worstofall came in.




From hundreds of arrests and violent encounters, to ZERO physical altercations and only 3 arrests in the 18 months following, Psychcops has the potential to change the way law enforcement operates in this country. From a brand perspective, we needed to show these powerful stats visually so that viewers felt the magnanimity of the opportunity.






Photo selection was key in this project. We used stock photography from Stocksy.com


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