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Branding the Business of Fashion


How do you walk the line between high fashion and serious business? Very carefully. NYU Stern's Luxury & Retail Club is the largest in the nation and they needed a brand that reflected that to get attention and respect from donors, sponsors and future employers.


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When your creative director is a working artist, and employs artistic designers, the results are visual narratives that strengthen your message and brand.

Sweet Lydia's Badass Brand Pattern
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Events need badass branding too


Every time someone interacts with your brand, it deepens their relationship with you. So when NYU LARC hosts conferences with a speaker lineup that includes executives at some of the top fashion companies, it's important they dress to impress - their brand, that is.

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Badass Branding Attracts the Big Dogs


When trying to attract sponsors and place graduates in top businesses your organization needs to look as professional as they do. With their badass brand NYU Stern's Luxury and Retail Club has been able to entice more fortune 500 companies into the mix than ever before.


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