ATM machines do not have a good reputation, not to mention a lack of branding and marketing. By removing ATM fees with paid advertising, FreeATM is a hot, young tech start-up that is breaking the mold and needs a brand to match their mission. With a badass brand message and equally memorable design, it lets viewers know two things: That this is the wave of the future, and that they should tell their friends to share the wealth.


#MoreGeorge in your pocket

Simple & memorable, the main messaging for your brand needs to instantly convey what you do, without using boring, generic fluff that will leave you looking like everyone else. Inspiring people to share your brand will turn excited fans into loyal ambassadors who will shout your name from the rooftops (i.e. facebook, twitter and instagram).


Offline Marketing - Still Works!

Sometimes offline marketing can be as or more effective than online marketing, especially when the business is local. Since we personified FreeATM in George, what better way to get the message out that you never have to pay an unfair fee again than letting George hit the streets and tell you himself! FreeATM merchants also benefit by being included in local advertising that directs customers to their locations because they have a FreeATM, now that's how you show you care about local business.


Sweet Lydia's Badass Brand Pattern