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Even the biggest guys need to rethink their marketing strategy every few years to stay relevant, and Santa is no exception. Kids just aren't the same as they were 200 year ago and Santa's brand and messaging needed to speak to a new, hip generation of kids if he wants the wish lists to keep coming. 



Being straightforward and clear about what you do doesn't have to be boring.
A simple message cuts through all the noise and delivers what you do with personality that is memorable and allows you to charge more too
-- now that's badass.

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“Ho, ho, ho! Christmas came early this year after my Badass Brandup! I've been delivering presents for millennia but had no idea how good things could really be. Worstofall Design's ability to sum up my brand in two simple words got real results - the cookies have never been fresher! Even the elves were impressed by their efficient, yet thoughtful process, and I think they picked up a trick or two. I can't believe I waited this long to get a badass brand!”

- Santa


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