Your services company needs a brand to attract clients and set itself apart. But we all know a branding strategy is damn expensive. As a wannabe badass brand, where will you find the budget?


Well, here’s an Online Training in Badassery

Back in the day, we were struggling to find clients, too. So yeah, we feel your pain.

You probably didn’t go into business to be a salesperson. But here you are—head of sales (and chief cook and bottle washer, too). Why? Because it’s a business—not a hobby.

But when it comes to selling, the key is to build a business that sells itself, which is a key characteristic of a badass brand. This is the thing most people don’t get (and a golden opportunity for smarty’s like you). Your brand is the perception of your business inside your customers’ minds.

Whoa, what the hell does that mean?

We told you upfront: branding ain’t easy. Unless you’ve experienced the power of a badass brand, you can only imagine how incredible it can be. You’re left making the amateur assumption that it all comes down to your logo and website. While crucial elements of it, these are not the same as your brand.

You could hire a rising star on craigslist, or the super-talented graphic designer right out of school. The problem: they lack branding strategy or business insight. They’ll create a logo or a website they think looks nice. Since your business is your baby, you’ll make them edit it until you think it looks nice. Eventually, both of you will lose sight of your branding strategy and how it will increase sales altogether.

Don’t get us wrong: your logo is important. So is the color scheme and design of your website. But your brand? That’s something much, much bigger—and much more important.

Why are you telling me all of this?

Believe it or not, we want to empower you. Building a brand isn’t a complicated process if you have the right tools—and we want to share ours.

As a branding company, we have a seasoned ability to create a brand just by asking our clients the right questions. Once we have a concept in place, we build it out into a logo and website with a strong, clear, and memorable message that does their marketing—and selling—for them.

This takes a lot of practice—and time we know you don’t have. All you really need to do is to understand your business and industry. (We’d hope at this point you do!)

Our upcoming training walks you through the first steps to build your brand from scratch. We ask questions: the same ones we ask all of our clients to find their special brand. Then, our Brandup Bootcamp™ shows you how to use the answers to find your brand yourself and then build your polished and professional new website and logo you’ve been drooling over.

Imagine having a business that people remember and praise after reading about it, hearing about it, checking out the website.