What would you do to hit your business goals this year? 

This is a public service announcement on buying Silver Bullet and Treasure Map Solutions. Whether you plan to go it alone, hire a team, or pay for a solution...whatever you do, proceed with caution.


We live in a time where everyone is selling something.

You sell something. We sell something. Every day we see advertisements for people selling Silver Bullet Solutions and Treasure Maps. They exist in every market. So, what's the difference, what does it matter, and why to proceed with caution?

Let's start by unpacking Silver Bullet Solutions.


These zero-work-required fix-alls sell the dream of more followers, more customers, and more clout. Everything you want at a click of a button. 

But you know as well as we do that most of these Silver Bullets are scams. 

Buy more followers! Are you kidding?! Buy likes and engagement! To what end? 

And, to be clear, more customers isn’t always the solution. Often it’s a problem that causes operational and managerial headaches. Think about it for a second.

Suppose you charge your 10 customers $X for your service. Now, suppose you want to grow your business by 10-times this year. That means you are looking to take on 100 customers. Now that type of growth requires serious organizational overhauls. You cannot just scale to service 100 customers. What would you have to change in your organization to achieve that level of growth and survive?

OR There's an alternative.

At Worstofall Design, we'd rather you be charging 10-times your current rates. 

Can you figure out a way to create 10-times the value for each customer and charge them $10x each for your work? We understand that this might sound like just a silly thought experiment. But we’re being completely serious

  • What does your business need to look like to create 10x more value for your customer?
  • What about 2X value creation for your customers this year?
  • What about 2X growth this year without 2X the customers? 

While I can’t speak to your industry, yet, there’s one way that always works, it transcends industry. To create 2X-to-10X value, improve your brand’s prestige — or as we like to say — build a badass brand.

Now let’s discuss how to reach the buried treasure. Let's figure out how to get whatever you’re hoping to find when you reach the X (the one that marks the spot).

So let’s talk about treasure maps for a second. 


First things first, there’s an inherent truth to all treasure maps: You’re not there yet! You going to need to work to get what you want.

To get from A to B, Start to Finish, or from this moment to your business goals this year (read, X or buried treasure) you have to do the work. You must take the journey, or start the voyage. For this reason, Treasure Maps are way more plausible than Silver Bullets. But there’s another issue with Treasure Maps.

22-year-old “lifestyle” entrepreneurs. They all write posts called: 
The exact way that I make $100,000 a month live on a beach and surf every day.” 

Aaaand our response is a written out emoji -(insert skeptical face here)

So, we find ourselves at a crossroads...

  • What to do?
  • How do we judge one Treasure Map from another?
  • How do you reach your goals? 

Our best advice is to do some deep thinking, vetting, and self-discovery.

Anyone who’s selling a zero-work, Silver Bullet Solution is worth a red flag and a caution light. If it smells too good to be true, it is. Treasure Maps are more plausible. Sure. But you still need to vet them.

For example, our Brandup Bootcamp is our version of a Treasure Map Solution.

With it, we promise to help your business move toward the 10x in value creation per customer. But let’s be clear, our treasure map solution demands work. In fact, it asks for 7 weeks of a concerted effort - for God's sake it's even called a Bootcamp!

In just seven weeks, we'll take you through the exact Brandshrink and Brandup process we put our clients through. But, unlike past clients, you won't pay the $20,000, or even $5,000, that our clients have paid over the last 2 years.

Those people paid as much as they did because the process works. It changes a business forever.(We'll tell you more about our process in future emails.)

The point is, it’s not easy to find a way to double your value proposition. It's harder yet to craft your message so it sells. It takes some hard work to build a Badass Brand… but it’s possible.

We do it for clients every week.

There's only one difference. Instead of two grueling 12-14 hour days, we stretch the process out over 7 weeks. And we're in the closed Facebook group to support you as you execute the Brandup Bootcamp work.

If this sounds interesting to you check out our upcoming online training in badassery to get your primer information on the Bootcamp and what Badass Brand Building is really like.

The Badass Your Brand training will wet your whistle. Do the activities in the training and you’re guaranteed to see a stronger business!

- Pia & Steve