We just signed up for Oscar. And we're so excited about it!


For the past year, we’ve seen their simple, easy ads plastered all over the NYC subways. I don’t know about you, but when I look at them, I assume I will get good customer service and my needs will be met.

Why do we feel like that? Because they have a Badass Brand, one that practices what it preaches. Their tagline doesn’t say they’re simple and easy; it is simple and easy: "Hi, we're Oscar.” In the healthcare world, a friendly face and a warm introduction are Badass. 

After Health Republic, our former health insurance company, told us they were shutting down at the end of November, we had to find a replacement. Oscar came to mind immediately because their messaging stuck out in the clutter of boring, corporate health insurance ads.


Valued at about $1.5 billion, Oscar has almost tripled its New York market share in the past year. And what can they thank for that? Badass company branding. Oscar’s clean, uncomplicated pitch is music to millennial ears: a generation that lacks the attention span for anything longer than 140 characters.  

Oscar’s website continues their concise, clean experience. They promise simplicity—and they deliver. (Seriously, check it out. They almost make filling out a healthcare form fun.)

Have you ever called the NY State of Health before? It's worse than calling Verizon. I know, how could anything be worse than calling Verizon!? But it is.

But not Oscar. I've spoken to several people there who are polite, knowledgeable, and anxious to make my experience pleasant and simple. We signed up on the spot.


As Maya Angelou said: People will forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Similarly, Oscar’s ads make you feel taken care of; like things are going to be simple. Our actual experience with Oscar built on those feelings and backed up their promise. Customers get excited about brands who can pull that off.

Oscar is a Badass Brand in the health insurance world because it dares to be truly different—not just say it. What can you learn from them?

1. Don't say you’re different; BE different in your messaging

Oscar's tagline isn't "the simplest, easiest health insurance to deal with, with smart people answering the phone." They just say "Hi, We're Oscar" alongside simple imagery. You can feel their simplicity and smartness from their ads.

2. Back it up

If I called Oscar and got a Verizon-style employee on the other end, I'd be disappointed. In fact, I'd be more disappointed than if I called NY State of Health, because I expect Oscar to be different. They would actually fall farther from grace in my mind, because my expectations weren't met.

3. Make sure the pieces line up

If I went to Oscar’s website and it was tired and outdated, again the experience wouldn't match up to my expectations. If your brand is a smarter alternative to an older way of doing things, make sure your online presence matches up with a smart, clean look and feel.

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