Since April 21st, 2015, Google started taking mobile-friendliness into account when ranking website, and this change promises to have profound and widespread impact on the web and how we search.


This means if you don't have a responsive website, (meaning the website adapts to the screen size on which the viewer is looking, readjusting images and text so you can just scroll down to find information instead of zoom in) you are a dinosaur according to Google.

Why are they doing this to us?! You might ask.

Google dominates the search engine space because it's so damn good at adjusting its algorithm so that you almost always find exactly what you're looking for. Since more than 50% of web cruising occurs on mobile or tablet devices, and looking at your dinosaur website on a phone sucks, Google is ready to tell you you need to shape up or ship out. 

Responsive websites have been around for a few years now, so we don't want to hear your sob story. But we understand life gets in the way, you been meaning to redesign your site and make it mobile friendly and you just haven't had the chance.

Well, Google is giving you a great reason to now.

Now we know, starting a new website project feels like a big undertaking. You aren't looking forward to spending the next 3-6 months going back and forth with a designer, and then a programer, to get this thing up.

What if you could have it soon? I mean, IMMEDIATELY? That's why we invented the Brandup. It's a 1, 2 or 3 day intensive where we design and build your brand and entire responsive website so you can get back to business. Read about it here.

If you need to solve this problem soon and you don't want to waste 6 months doing it, schedule a call and see if a Brandup is right for you. If you know you're ready, you can take the first step and schedule a Brandshrink to get started.