Custom solutions? Sounds great to buyers, but it sounds like a lot of hoop-jumping for a business owner.


It means I'll get whatever I want. You, the seller, will sit down with me, take the time to understand everything about my company, and then write me a personalized solution to my problems. You might have to revise it several times, and, after my nephew, who has some knowledge of your field, evaluates your proposal and gives feedback, you might have to revise it again, and maybe bring your price down a bit because you've spent quite a bit of time with me already, so, you know, you don't want to lose the sale... But in the end, I should get exactly what I'm looking for and sign on the dotted line so you get the client... right?

Is that the type of business you're trying to run? Not if you value your time and expertise. There's another way.

Turn that customized approach into a product.

Productizing is key to monetizing. If you want to be a better salesmen instantly, stop wasting time on potential clients, and close more deals because clients trust you instantly, you've got to productize.

  1. When you have a product, you send the following winning messages to your potential clients: “I’ve done this a bazillion times, I have a proven process and I know it works.” This alleviates the biggest reason people are scared to hire a consultant of any kind; because they are worried they aren’t going to get the results they are looking for.
  2. Sick of wasting time writing thoughtful, customized proposals that give half the store away with your detailed explanation of your process? Productizing eliminates the need for proposals, period. Your proposal becomes either a link to a page on your website, or as simple as attaching a one sheet of your productized services to an email. This alone increases the value of each customer when you spend less time with every potential client.
  3. It’s easier to talk about, and instantly makes you a better salesman.


Let's say that again: it instantly makes you a better salesman. Can I get an Amen?!? 

Most people hate selling, but selling is a key part of business. Imagine if you could instantly be better at it by just packaging up your services neatly. Imagine if you could concisely tell someone how badass you are, what you do, how you work (and how you don't work), that instantly lends credibility, and actually does make you an expert because now you're doing your proven process over and over and over again. 

You're already selling packages, you just refuse to label them, making your job much harder on all fronts.

A product is just a service properly packaged. You can do it!