Business owners put so much time and effort into marketing, online and off.  But what's the point of those efforts if, when a customer is finally looking to purchase said product/service, they don’t or can't remember you?

Memorable Branding

When someone recently asked us for an animator who could render 3D images of water, I was excited that I had actually met someone in recent months who specialized in that very skill. 

"Perfect, I'll send their info right over."

Then... crickets.

I could not for the life of me remember who it was, and my list of possibilities in the CRM was dozens long. I had an hour long call with this person, but there was absolutely nothing about their company that I could remember. I searched through emails, my calendar meetings.... nothing sparked.

In the end, the referral wasn't made. (If you are reading this sir, please reach out)

In an age of information overload, everything generic goes in one ear and out the other. Even if what you're saying is somewhat specialized as in the case above, it's not enough if someone doesn’t remember you.


1. Disrupt People’s Thinking

To disrupt means to interrupt the normal course of something, in this case a person’s thoughts. When you do or say something that is unexpected, you make the brain have to work a little harder to reconcile the thought. Once our brains have become familiar with a topic, more ideas on that topic are less disruptive.

In business, when you disrupt people’s natural thought progression you are forcing them to think about your company a little bit harder. That engagement creates a stronger memory. That memory means they will think of you when they need your service/product.


2. Don’t say, BE

In a world of way too much info, words are easy to forget. But actions inspire thinking, and thinking creates a memory (see point 1)

We get lovely marketing materials from Karen Stone at TOWN Real Estate. TOWN is known to be a more upscale brokerage firm, with a focus on concierge services and lifestyle. But they don’t just say it, they live it. From a beautifully designed pamphlet we received recently with pages and pages of fun, cultural things to do in the city this summer, to a holiday guide to wine purchasing for parties last December, Karen is staying top of mind for us by being the high-end lifestyle realty brand that TOWN says it is.


3. Exaggerate

If you’ve ever been on a stage you know that the audience sees whatever you do at 50%, which means you have to over enunciate and increase your movements just to look normal.

Your business is the same way. Subtlety is unnoticeable, but going all the way will plant a strong seed in people’s minds. Be an extreme version of your company, consistently, until you are sick and tired of it. Then keep going. Only then will people truly “get” your company and remember you.


4. Don’t Let Them Forget

We are overloaded with information every day, so no matter how badass and memorable you are, people might forget about you if they have a lot occupying their mind. That’s why you need to find a consistent way to keep in touch, so that they have a way to remember you.

Do at least one or two of the above, and you’re likely to be remembered. Do all of them, and you’ll never be forgotten.