It might be time to overthrow your business...

Are you constantly hunting for new clients? Find yourself settling for projects that don’t excite you and don’t pay enough? Clearly the masses don’t know how great you are because you’re not getting the recognition (and sales) you deserve.  

What if you could change all that in 2 days?

“Two months after a 2-day Badass Brandup... the work I did with the Worstofall team has my email & phone blowing up and I'm booked daily with really cool clients. I just shot for Hendricks Gin and now I'm getting flown all over the country for gigs.  No F*ckin' Lie! ” -Chisum Pierce,

If you haven’t heard of him yet, here’s who Chisum is: he’s been honing his photography skills for almost a decade and his work is undeniably impressive, but like many creatives, he’s done a ton of work for cheap, or free, for years as he's tried to break through to better clients. *(Side note: free work begets more free work) 

Worstofall changed all that. Here’s what we did:


Step 1: We Clarified the WHY with a Brandshrink

All Worstofall clients go through the Brandshrink. It’s a 1.5 hour intensive interview to get in your head and figure out what you’re all about.

Turns out, Chisum’s favorite photoshoots some of the hardest to get because they are the super-cool editorial shoots, the ones where the client wants the photographer to bring seriously bold creativity to the table. Chisum is all that and more, but how to convey that? Certainly not with the bland brand that he currently had:


(click to enlarge):


For Chisum, the Brandshrink was about clarifying his business objectives, ideal clients, and ideal kinds of work. Might as well build a business you love, right?

Step 2: Build a Badass Brand with a 2-day Badass Brandup

Look at Chisum’s website and you’ll get a pretty good idea of not only his immense talent, but of his larger than life personality. The standard portfolio photography website that let the images “speak for themselves” was not going to cut it.

Along with turning his name into a verb ( a name that takes guts, by the way) and identifying the needs of his clients (“To Achieve Celebrity Status”) we paired his totally intriguing brand with a buttoned up business process on the “Hire” page that broke it down into what his clients could expect. This separated him from all his competitors, who are usually too creative to get down to business (something those of us who hire creatives are very scared about.)

photographer brochure marketing.jpg

Because his website didn’t need a lot of info or pages, we had time to design him pieces of marketing collateral as well: sick business cards, a branded postcard to both mail out to contacts and to send as a gift to photo agents for them to mail out to their friends (cause who doesn’t appreciate a fun cheeky postcard they can send to their friends to look cool?) and a sexy quadra-folded brochure.

By end of day 2, the marketing pieces were ordered, the website was live, and Chisum was on his way to marketing. As always, we did two follow-up “check in” calls to answer any implementation questions and give some marketing advice that he ran with.

Here’s what he said when we asked for a testimonial a month and a half later:

"After a 2-day Badass Brandup, I walked out with THE SICKEST: Logo, Website, and marketing materials that are impressing everyone that sees them!  The strategic marketing advice from the Worstofall team has my email & phone blowing up and I'm doing 2-3 photoshoots a day!  No F*ckin' Lie!  Lastly, I gained some very valuable negotiation skills that have made every client interaction since the Brandup a win for myself and my clients" (See the full case study here)

You need to overthrow your brand to overthrow your business, and we can run a coup on your industry with a badass brand that gets you noticed, remembered and shared.

How can we achieve all this in a Brandshrink and Badass Brandup? Because it’s simple, it’s just not easy. Stripping away the complicated, and embracing what you really want to do, is the surest way to badassery. We feel its power in our own business, and want you to feel it too.

Ready to overthrow your business?