"After working with Worstofall Design my brand impresses everyone that sees it!  Within a month of working with them I was getting booked daily with the exact kinds of clients I wanted. Within 6 months I was being flown around the country to do ads for huge brands- something I always wanted and could never land before. The latest update is that I've been meeting with huge agencies like Crispin Porter + Bogusky who told me I am perfect for a number of their upcoming projects, including their Fruit of the Loom account. I never could have gotten those meetings, let alone these gigs, without everything I learned from Pia and Steve. Their information is priceless and has allowed me to do what I love and get paid for it!"

- Chisum PierceGet Chisumed

"Pia and Steve exceeded every expectation of my experience with branding specialists. They seamlessly worked to understand me, my ideas for my business, and my morals/values, in order to develop an exciting, contemporary message for a specific targeted audience/clientele. Their artistic and technical skills in developing a logo, website, business cards, and letterhead, provided my business with instant legitimacy and professionalism. Just an important, they were able to articulate what I wanted to stand for and centered that message around everything. Simply put, Pia and Steve are amazing professionals who left an indelible mark on my business and the way I go about achieving my business goals. I look forward to working with them again -- they have my highest recommendation!"

Andy Weinstein, 

Andy Weinsten Law


"It's what my small business needed"

Kathleen Day





Updated testimonial emailed from Becky Yee: 

"[Since taking the bootcamp and your advice and narrowing from being a photographer for everyone to focusing just on lingerie and swimwear] i have since this year been booked to shoot in:

  • Tulum, Mexico,
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guatemala
  • Los Angeles
  • and I have gone to Miami 4 times
  • Chicago and Houston.

My studio is going really well and i recently just shot a lookbook from a brazilian swim line and she found me via web search (1st time ever!) and I am transitioning to moving out of the studio to something bigger. For 2017 in January i am already booked to shoot in Paris for the Lingerie trade show, and then with lingerie blogger (same one that brought me to all those spanish speaking countries) to shoot in barcelona. and I am on hold for Costa Rica and Napa Valley.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to your and your badass bootcamp for giving me the push and inspiration to take this step- I wouldn't have done it without you!"

Becky Yee,

Becky Yee Photography

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 12.13.49 PM.png


"I really appreciate the work you've done. It's helped me a lot and I've surfed the web for years and fiddled with several iterations of websites and messaging. I've never been this clear (to others) before. I learned that I could package corporate re-organization services. I am excited to be implementing the Lead product and Bullseye with 3 levels of service immediately. This Bootcamp has made me more effective in my business because I am able to stop wasting time with 'potential clients' I never wanted and can be credible with the clients I want. I now clearly state what I offer in 3 short pages on a website. That's a big change. But also I am focusing my marketing on just getting people to sign up for the lead product, and all my content marketing is aimed to position me as a person who can provide a lot of value in that lead product."




Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 2.23.44 PM.png
"The process included everything you could want to design and build a website. I found the project exciting and challenging. In the course you are encouraged to drill down and get to a real fundamental understanding of what it takes to work smart. The Bootcamp taught me to simplify my message and be direct. It has encouraged me to think out of the box and to be willing to take risks. It has made me be more aware about providing value for my clients. This course has been a game changer for me. My old website was nice and not powerful. I am so glad I have taken this course. The steady and encouraging hand of Pia really made a difference in my life. The word I got from a colleague is that when she saw my website she was moved to tears of joy over the directness and the compassion. I can't begin to thank you for your BADASS approach to this work. Bless you." 



"Helped me get my brand message focused and to express what my ideal clients really needed to see and hear from my brand"

Regina Huber


"We're impressed and inspired.  We had the pleasure to run a one day Brandup workshop with Pia and Steve and the results exceeded our expectations. We have an established multi-million event brand that has been growing and we took a risk by approaching WOAD to make the brand even better. They asked detailed questions and found the elements that built on our success and yet refreshed the brand to make it event cleaner, brighter and most importantly, more confident.  I will certainly come back to them for other projects in the future and recommend them to anyone who takes their brand seriously."


Marketing, Analytics and Innovation Team Leader