Artistic Logo Design: "The Eleven"

"The Eleven" is an American production team based out of New York City composed of James Morales, Matthew Morales, & David Rodriguez. In light of the major shift of producers and writers from the East Coast to the West Coast, the team was formed out of a desire to "put NYC back on the map". The team's genres range from Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B, Hip Hop and even Jazz. Team members James Morales (Drums, Keyboards), David Rodriguez (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards), and Matthew Morales (Trumpet, Keyboards), professional musicians in their own right, can shift between genres seamlessly because of their backgrounds and extensive experience both in the studio and on the stage.

Worstofalldesign hand-made an identity that was personal and iconic to the III members of 'The Eleven.'  They were looking for a brand identity that incorporates the multidimensional story behind the company and the partners.  They wanted something polished, professional and established, that still had an artistic feel.  Timelessness and flexibility were also crucial elements as the company plans to expand their offerings beyond the music industry in the future. The inspiration was to be drawn from New York, particularly Brooklyn where the partners are from.  The idea of “three” was also important as there are three founding partners, and they like the spiritual meanings attached to the number three.  In that respect, the clients liked the idea of something mysterious, possibly referencing a secret society.

This logo is inspired by the ubiquitous manholes of NYC.  It’s a reference that may not be immediately recognized, but will create a connection at a later point when the viewer spots the pattern on the street.  The name is both immediately apparent and also blends in with the pattern enough to evoke the feeling that the name might be hidden. The three bars create an E that will be everpresent in the branding, making the number “three” a cornerstone of the brand. And the clean black and white graphics allow this logo to enjoy longevity and the flexibility to work with the evolving nature of the company.