Badass Brandups are for service-based businesses who need badass branding NOW and don't have the time to wait 6+ months to start selling. Everything you need to up your business game -


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Leave ready to start selling, we take care of everything else.

You come to the Worstofall Studio and have our team's full efforts and attention to execute your branded materials. We are the hands and experts, guiding you with questions to Badassify your businesses with tangible materials. At the end of the one or two day session you will leave with all of the tools you need to get your business up and running immediately, or take it to the next level. Projects can include: your brand's positioning & messaging, logo, business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, a responsive website that works on every device with copy all designed, built and launched by the end of your Badass Brandup.

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"After a 2-day Badass Brandup, walked out with THE SICKEST: Logo, Website, and marketing materials that are impressing everyone that sees them!  The strategic marketing advice from the Worstofall team has my email & phone blowing up and I'm booked daily with really cool clients;  I'm getting flown all over the country for gigs and I just did a shoot for Hendricks Gin.   No F*ckin' Lie!  Lastly, I gained some very valuable negotiation skills that have made every client interaction since the Brandup a win for myself and my clients"

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The Brandshrink interview is a good place to start


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