Worstofall Design bets big

Ante Up: START standING out as a BADASS BIz

In this 1-hour webinar, Worstofall Design will help small biz owners answer the 3 fundamental questions you must answer to stand apart from the competition and start winning fat stacks through badassery...


April 8th, 4-5pm

You will learn:

  1. How to stand out from the competition as the badass that you are
  2. Something you can do right now that will set you up for higher profits forever after
  3. The toughest question you have to answer if you really want higher profits and more clients with a badass brand
    (hint: the answer is YES!)

Have your mind blown as you look at your business through a crystal ball and catch a glimpse of what it could be if you could only grow some balls.

Are you in? Reserve your spot right now.


Still not sure? Here are some unsolicited testimonials received after the last webinar:

I've already taken action based on the webinar, actually. I have never enjoyed shooting product work, it isn't the most profitable thing I do and every e-comm client I've ever had is slower than slow to pay. The webinar made me realize it's ok to let go of this work in order to focus on the work I enjoy and on selling more of this work. Thanks! I'm looking forward to learning more at the one day seminar in April. 
-Michael Meyer, michaelmeyerphoto.com


"Today's webinar gave me fresh insight. I appreciate the ideas you sparked in me as you spoke...My primary concern is staying grounded in my goals and still kick some ass, when necessary as I establish my authentic self to clients and prospects. You are the first branding expert I've found who seems to reside in that sweet spot."
- Robin Vaugn, WordEntity.com
"Thanks Pia for being a badass and kicking my brain around for an hour. I've got too many notes about where I go next, but I think I may be adopting this tune (Veruca Salt- Awesome) as my personal motto from now on. Gotta learn what it's like to be fearless."
- Mack Elder, Leader of the Pack at Clipped Records and Films
"I listened in on the webinar today.  I liked it.  No hype. Very sleek.  I liked how you asked the 3 questions.  Quite differently than others ask them. Definitely made me re-think my "brand" in a new way."
-David Engstrom, davidengstrom.net