Worstofall Design bets big


A one day live event by Worstofall Design for small biz owners who want to start winning fat stacks through badassery...


"Why IS YOUR SERVICE WORTH my money?"  &  "How will youR BIZ help me win?"

- Does your answer to those questions blow minds with its Badassery?
- Does it inspire people to bet fat stacks of chips on you?

Badass Brands know their worth, and will go all-in on the belief that they are the Royal Flush of their industry


All the other players? They're fighting over penny antes, bluffing and folding because they know that what they're holding won't secure the jackpot. 

When you master your Badass branding, not only will you be able to charge more than these “competitors,” you'll poach their clients despite your prices!


This April 30th: Worstofall invites you to a bonanza in badassery.

At our live event, sixty business-minded dice rollers will learn how to:

  1. Identify the opportunities that exist within their industry to exploit pursue for fun and profit.
  2. Differentiate themselves from the Goliaths by finding their true perfect niche.
  3. Debunk the flawed assumptions that plague most entrepreneurs (and even branding experts).
  4. Pinpoint what they should start doing immediately, and what they should stop doing permanently.
  5. Embody their Badassery, so they can attract instead of sell, amassing more clients and referrals.


They will walk in clueless or unconfident, and walk out with a PhD in poker face.

All this for only $247

Will you be one of them? Reserve your spot right now.